Our Vision

Experience says only a happy child is ready to receive knowledge & imbibe skills, so we provide the widest possible range of extra and co-curricular activities to cater the diverse interests of it’s students.

Kailash Chandra Memorial School imparts knowledge to fertile ever growing young minds following ancient traditional ways to blend them with cutting edge methodology & thereby help create a promising future. We educate & instill in student values of integrity, loyalty & honesty and provide a home away from home. It is guided by the values of honesty in words & deeds with loyalty to something bigger than themselves, with devotion to serving others, with sound ethics, in the respect for other fellow beings.

We focus on all aspects of education for the holistic development of each child. Apart from academics it also includes emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative & spiritual development. Thus, our children are nurtured to face this global world bravely & confidently.

All in all, our vision is in sync with the immortal lines of
Rabindra Nath Tagore-
“Where the mind is without fear
& the head is held high.
Where the knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken
Up into fragments by narrow domestic walls”