Gandhi(Meston)Park, Civil Lines, Moradabad.

Co-curricular activities

The school offers a wide spectrum of activities aimed at developing the talents and skills of students. Physical and mental training is given. Computer studies, literary activities are a part of academic qualification.

Annual day


Innovatively designed cultural programmes prepared by the students are staged by talented students who get appreciation & encouragement by the onlookers.

Inter-House dance Competition


Inter-House dance competition is another fun-filled energetic activity for the maximum participation of the students of each group of all houses. This undoubtedly not only creates the cultural atmosphere but also encourages & boosts the competitive spirit among the students.

Work Education Activity


For the students active participation in various co-curricular activities apart from academics form an integral part of the syllabus. Where right from junior classes to senior most section students are guided by expert teachers on how to utilise the waste material & convert them into useful material.