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Grades in co-scholastic areas

Grades in co-scholastic areas

The desirable behaviour related to learner’s life skills, attitudes, interest, co-curricular activities & physical health is described in co-scholastic areas.

K. C. M. School believes in the ideology of harmony as an essence of nature. Our goal is to make learner efficient, both at the personal & social level, creating extra-ordinary students.

The overall performance of the students is judged on the basis of achievement in the co-scholastic areas & activities.

Each student at the end of Term/Session is awarded grades in each of three skills, Work Education, Visual & Performing Art, Attitudes and Moral Values, General Studies, Co-curricular activities, Health & Physical education activities.

The grading system has made the students more confident especially those who have latent talent ingrained in them & not only this it will also provide each student a diverse education that will promote social & global consciousness & excellence in learning.